We are still constantly surprised at the vast amount of history, both pre-history and up to this century, there is to be learned about our county of Pembrokeshire and each month we discover more facts (and fiction!) than we ever thought possible.  

We  put on quite large exhibitions every two or three years and are in the process of researching and preparing our next one. This time it will be on the maritime history of our village and will be in the Regency Hall in August 2017.

Our first exhibition was of the history of coal and coal mining in Pembrokeshire and was staged in the Methodist Chapel to great acclaim from the public. It is quite amazing how there are so many people, both locals and visitors, who have no idea that coal mining was so important and was indeed the life blood of the village from the late C19th and way into the C20th until the last mine closed down in the 1930s.

Our second attempt at an exhibition was successfully created in the Regency Hall in 2014 to commemorate WW1.  This time we were very fortunate in being loaned many priceless artefacts treasured by local families, as we were now a recognised entity and our exhibitions were becoming very much better researched and displayed.